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Machines max mandrel

6 m

12 m

23 m


Filament Winding

Tube production methods:

Filament Winding: The profiles are designed to load situation, high quality, high fiber volume, made to application, big items, thick walled items, small series (also one piece production). It is possible to make tapered profiles. Computer controlled process.

Pull Winding: design to load, high quality, made to application, not big items, big series, relatively low price, Computer controlled process.

Pull Trusion: fibers only in length direction. Computer controlled process.

Roll wrapped: Smaller series, limited length per item, good for profiles with different wall thickness over the length, relatively much handwork.

Machining, bonding, grinding, special made fittings (metal parts can be made !)

Machines with 4 mandrels (max):

6 m / max Ø 200 mm

Ø min 10 mm

Ø Max 1700 mm