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We design composite fiber structures, tubes and profiles taking in account different fiber lay-up, E-modules of material and angles of the fibers. The design and fiber lay-up is based on the load situation. We use carbon fiber, Glass fiber Armid fibers and combination of different kind of fibers.


We can also go into design and strength, deflection, and failure calculation and even finite element analysis.


Creating the right solution for your application and taking into account that the manufacturing should be the most cost effective production way (depending also on: quantity,  tool cost, manufacturing cost / item cost)  


Often we see that going up in dimension or using a high modules fiber can give a more effective solution.


Talk to us if you need some qualified advice or hire us to do your product design and /or your future composite production.


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Filament Winding: The profiles are designed to load situation, high quality, high fiber volume..


All carbon tubes and  fittings are available on stock..


Mould making (high precision) eventually supply of mould making machine (moulds up to 155 m..




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All you need in composite and           carbon fiber structures is, tubes,         profiles & Special solutions.